Share your Success Stories!

Have something exciting you want to share about your PLTW classroom and/or school? Do you have an awesome PLTW teacher you would like to highlight? How about letting us know what your most current project is and why it's so awesome? We want to know why YOU love Project Lead The Way.


Email us your story for a chance to be in the next issue of Pathways Magazine or on our website! Don't forget to include pictures!

Email us at with the following information:



- Your first and last name

- The school you attend

- The PLTW class and PLTW teacher you currently have

- Description of your success story (See below)


Success Story Types

Teacher Recognition


- Please explain why your teacher is so awesome!

Great teaching style? Very helpful?

Makes you laugh?


- Please include a picture of your teacher

PLTW Class Recognition






- Please explain why you love your

PLTW class so much!


- Please include pictures of your classroom

in action or anything related to the class!

PLTW Class Recognition


- Please explain what the project is, the reason behind starting your project, and anything else that makes it super awesome!

- Please include pictures of your project
(A video of of it in action would be greate too!)


Here is an example of an email about a student sharing his project with us!  Please use this email as a guide to help you fill out all the information we are looking for!


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